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Dan’s Everylove Story

Dan Dewey orders 14 to 20 drinks from Starbucks every Thursday morning. Then, he delivers those drinks to patients at the Michigan Cancer Institute in an inspirational effort to spread his everylove.

Everylove is for all the relationships in your life worth celebrating. It’s a laughing friend, a helping hand, a familiar face.

For more information about Dan and Everylove, please visit danscoffeerun.net and starbucks.com/everylove

Come Celebrate 40 Years with Starbucks

Starbucks is turning 40 this month! Come celebrate Starbucks’ 40th anniversary this Thursday, Friday and Saturday 2-5pm. Buy a drink and get a FREE Petite.

NBC Nightly News Video on Latte Art

Izzy Forman of 360i (on behalf of MSNBC) has emailed me a very interesting video clip from NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams to share with you all. Check out the link below: -


The video shows how Baristas show Digital Correspondent Mara Schiavocampo creates a latte that looks almost too pretty to drink.

Thanks, Izzy!

Feminist Coffee Commercial

Folger’s Coffee Commercial as seen below convinced women to choose for themselves what coffee they’d serve to their husbands. Quite feminist, don’t you think?

How to Make a Heart Using Coffee Art

Always wanted to make one of those coffee art? This video will teach you how to make a heart-shaped coffee art.

Coffee Creamer Explosions

Who would know coffee creamer are this highly flammable?

Futurama, Fry Drinks 100 Cups of Coffee

This is what will happen after 100 cups of coffee.

David Blaine’s Coffee to Coins Magic Revealed!

David Blaine’s Coffee to Coins Magic Trick

David Blaine turns a cup of coffee into a cup of coins! If he can turn all the coffee I have consumed over the years into coins, I would be filthy rich!