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Caffe 1920’s Cappuccino Freddo & Caffe Freddo

Caffe 1920 is well-known for its pasta and pizza, and not forgetting — its coffee.

Caffe 1920’s Cappuccino Freddo
Caffe 1920’s Cappuccino Freddo

Cappuccino Freddo is an icy cold glass of ice cappuccino. And it’s pretty good too.

Caffe 1920’s Caffe Freddo
Caffe 1920’s Caffe Freddo

While Caffe Freddo is made out of a glass of cold espresso coffee with whipped cream topping. Caffe Freddo is definitely for the hardcore coffee lovers as it is strong and yet irresistible.

David Blaine’s Coffee to Coins Magic Revealed!

David Blaine’s Coffee to Coins Magic Trick

David Blaine turns a cup of coffee into a cup of coins! If he can turn all the coffee I have consumed over the years into coins, I would be filthy rich!

Welcome to All About Coffee!

Welcome to All About Coffee. This is a blog of a coffee addict and his epic journey in his coffee adventures. Also, this blog has all you need to know about coffee – its origin, type of coffees, the benefits and much more.

In the meantime, make sure you take a break and have a cuppa coffee!