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Top 10 Uses For Used Coffee Grounds

Used grounded coffees may not be drinkable but there are plenty of usage for it. Curbly.com listed down Top 10 Uses For Used Coffee Grounds. Among them include using them as Deodorizer to get rid of food prep smells on your hands, as nutrients for your plants, as insect repellant (yes, you heard me right) and whole lot more.

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Coffee Bean Goes Green

Coffee Bean Goes Green

As of May 2007, all U.S. company-owned Coffee Bean locations (in the U.S.) are Certified Green Restaurants. Coffee Bean claims to be working with Green Restaurant Association to improve their environmental practices. But Starbucks has already long practices “green”.

As a Certified Green Restaurant™, The Coffee Bean® has already implemented the following steps in all of its domestic company-owned locations:

  • Recycling in all stores possible.
  • Installed Energy and Water Efficient Spray Valves.
  • Installed High Efficiency Lighting, Summer 2007.
  • Implemented Mug reuse policy for Team Member to cut down on paper cup use.
  • Changed napkins to non-bleached 30% post consumer recycled paper.
  • Changed all paper towels to 82% post consumer recycled paper.
  • Changed all bathroom paper products to up to 49% post consumer recycled non-bleached paper.

Though, it does not seem very convincing, at least, it is a good start towards a better and greener environment.