Yowazzup? Coffee is a blog of a coffee lover and his epic journey in his coffee adventures. Also, this blog has all you need to know about coffee - its origin, type of coffees, the benefits and much more.

Author: James Pong

Entrepreneur, Techie, Artist and Internet Marketing Manager of a successful regional real estate portal, James Pong is a jack of all trades (master of none), a lover of movies, a coffee addict and a casual gamer. He has started several and joined a few start ups since his college days, though none of them worked as intended, he has gained the experience which proves to be quite fruitful.

After college, James made a few twists working at Property Link (real estate agency), JobsDB Malaysia and is one of the pioneers at 701Panduan, a startup JV between The Star and SPH. These fine places introduced him to new people, big ideas and abundant of experience and skills that helped shape the person he is today.

James is not really limited to the online marketing business; he was a chess champion back at secondary school and has participated in all sorts of sports and curricular activities from badminton to football, Taekwondo to boy scout. During his free time, he blogs about the entertainment world, movies and Hollywood celebrities at Yowazzup.com and his coffee gastronomic adventures on his coffee blog. He also likes to travel with his family and record down the journeys on TravelingApe.com.

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