Mbuji Cafe’s Irish Creme & Caramello

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Mbuji Cafe has been expanding vastly since we last visited Mbuji Cafe in IOI Mall, Puchong including Tropicana City Mall.

However, Mbuji Cafe at Subang Carrefour is the same old place with very few customers.

Mbuji Cafe's Irish Creme
Mbuji Cafe’s Irish Creme

Irish Creme was merely an ordinary coffee drink with tons of whip cream on top sprinkled with some chocolate powder. Bad Ass’ Jitter Juice would kick Mbuji’s ass anytime for Irish Creme (no pun intended).

Mbuji Cafe's Caramello
Mbuji Cafe’s Caramello

Caramello, meanwhile was more decent with caramel topping as coffee art and not too sweet.

Verdict: Good coffee but knowing what you order would help you get the good drinks as not all flavors suit everyone.

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