Coffee Chemistry Cafe Is Not So Great After All

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After a few visits to Coffee Chemistry Cafe in Sunway Giza, I have to admit the service deteriorates each time we visited. When we first visited Coffee Chemistry Cafe, it was different as there weren’t many customers and therefore, the service wasn’t that bad.

Fine Blended Mocha
Fine Blended Mocha

Fine Blended Mocha was somewhat disappointing, something I can easily do with a blender at home. The taste was mediocre, perhaps it was the amount of ice used.

Iced Cafe Mocha
Iced Cafe Mocha

The same goes for Iced Cafe Mocha where the actual taste of coffee diminished due to the amount of ice used.

Verdict: Great pasta. Mediocre coffee. Poor service. Certainly not a place for good coffee.

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#1 Johnson on 09.09.11 at 1:13 am


Thanks for the feedback and we appreciate it. We will seriously look into this as we constantly get customer feedback from time to time for us to improve.

Nevertheless, we love ur feedback else we will be laying back and assuming everything is going fine for us.

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