Starbucks Iced Cocoa Cappuccino

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Starbucks Iced Cocoa Cappuccino is the latest drink from Starbucks. It is rich in flavor, combining both fresh espresso and bittersweet mocha sauce with the right amount of steamed milk and foam, and topped with a signature mocha drizzle.

Starbucks Iced Cocoa Cappuccino
Starbucks Iced Cocoa Cappuccino

Starbucks Cocoa Cappuccino is one of the new global products launched on March 8, the others are Starbucks Petites.

Starbucks Iced Cocoa Cappuccino with the new Siren logo
Starbucks Iced Cocoa Cappuccino with the new Siren logo

With the global launch initiative, Starbucks is also changing to its new Siren logo globally.

Also available in hot version.

Available at most Starbucks stores near you.

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#1 Renee on 04.01.11 at 8:32 am

Can’t go wrong when you add mocha to coffee! This looks good, might have to try it next time I go to Starbucks.

#2 Casey on 04.06.11 at 2:45 pm

You’ve shown it iced, but it is terrific and great to look at hot. It’s really like a cafe mocha, only more foam, since it’s a cappuccino and no whipped cream unless requested. Honestly, I wonder if I I gave them the idea for it… I was in Starbuchs a few months ago and asked for a Mocha Cappuccino – they said they didn’t have one listed but they could put something together – now, I see it’s the new drink at Starbucks with a name. lol

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