Whisk – Espresso Bar & Bake Shop @ Empire Shopping Gallery

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Whisk at Empire Shopping Gallery
Whisk at Empire Shopping Gallery

Whisk – Espresso Bar & Bake Shop is a small family-run cafe in Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya, Malaysia.

We decided to give it a try after passing by many times and having heard rave reviews about them. According to Rebecca Saw, the cafe is run by a mother and two sisters.

Recommended by one of the staff there, we decided to order the following: -

Mochaccino Con La Nutella
Mochaccino Con La Nutella

As the name sounds, Mochaccino Con La Nutella is a Mocha drink that is sweet and chocolaty. Nutella reminds me of the hazelnut chocolate spread, perhaps that’s what they use as the glass of Mochaccino is all covered with chocolate that tastes like Nutella. Mochaccino Con La Nutella is a little pricey at MYR 12.

Cafe Con Leche
Cafe Con Leche

Cafe Con Leche is a stronger coffee which is also more aromatic. According to the staff, Cafe Con Leche uses Cafe Bustelo blend from Cuba. Not that bad for MYR 9!

Bub's Cupcake
Bub’s Cupcake

Like most cafes, Whisk also serves cakes, that’s where the last part of the name “Espresso Bar & Bake Shop” comes about.

Bub’s Cupcake is a banana cupcake with peanut butter layer on the outside and cream cheese filling in the inside! It’s quite the bomb, but don’t say I didn’t warn you — it is too good, so don’t have too much of it. It pairs quite well with Cafe Con Leche, if you ask me. Retailing at MYR 5, it’s quite pricey for a single cupcake.

Correction: Black Bottom Rose Creme changed to Bub’s Cupcake. Thanks for the update, Team Whisk!

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#1 Whisk on 03.30.11 at 6:44 am


Thanks for dropping by and thanks for the feedback. Just to correct you, the cupcake is actually the Bub’s cupcake, also priced the same at RM5. The staff probably keyed in Black Bottom Rose Creme bc it is priced the same accordingly but just thought you’d like to know in case you come back for seconds!

Have a good day ahead and thanks again from Team WHISK!

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