Maxim Cafe Menu Caffe Mocha

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Maxim Cafe Menu Caffe Mocha
Maxim Cafe Menu Caffe Mocha

Maxim Cafe Menu Caffe Mocha is yet another flavor from Maxim Cafe Menu range of instant coffee.

Compared to the rest, Caffe Mocha is the sweetest with chocolaty taste.

Priced at RM 4.99 per pack, each pack comes with 5 sticks.

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#1 TL on 04.10.11 at 2:10 pm

i got some from a friend and its white chocolate and strawberry flavour, i didn’t know how to use it coz everything was in Japanese so i assumed that you just pour it into your coffee and work like a creamer. than after that for the sake of trying i poured water into the powder and it tasted very creamy so till now i don’t really know what to do with it. so can you tell me what’s the use of it?

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