McCafe’s Mochaccino

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McCafe's Mochaccino
McCafe’s Mochaccino

McCafe’s, McDonald’s very own cafe are only available in 15 countries worldwide and I had the opportunity to drop by one in Singapore. So, I ordered a Mochaccino because I’m expecting coffee art. However, unlike the ones I saw on other blogs, the Mochaccino I ordered from Wisma Atria’s branch does not have any coffee art. Disappointed, but I thought the coffee is quite lovely. In fact, Mochaccino is not merely coffee, it’s espresso coffee mixed with chocolate and frothy milk. Pretty good, I would say.

Retailing SGD $3.95 at McCafe in Singapore.

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#1 TimeForCoffee on 06.28.09 at 2:36 am

Unfortunately, this one is not available in my country, but when I look at the picture, the milk foam looks a bit suspicious… With so many bubbles, you could hardly expect any latte art.

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