First Class Aroma’s 3-in-1 Ipoh White Coffee Cappuccino

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First Class Aroma's Ipoh White Coffee Cappuccino

First Class Aroma’s 3-in-1 Ipoh White Coffee Cappuccino is a premium instant white coffee produced by the famous Yee Kong Coffee Powder factory. First Class Aroma’s Ipoh White Coffee Cappuccino is definitely aromatic and certainly first class. It tastes a lot better than Old Town 3-in-1 Classic White Coffee.

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#1 Tin Santos on 02.23.11 at 1:22 pm

Hi, where can we buy this coffee mix? I am from Manila, Philippines & we got to try this coffee mix when our boss went to Malaysia & brought back a pack for us.

Would appreciate it if you can share where we can buy more :) Thank you.

#2 LMS on 04.17.11 at 4:08 am

Where were you able to purchase this? I’ve looked all over the internet even!

#3 Winnie Tung on 09.14.11 at 9:05 am

May I know can we purchase the First Class Aroma‚Äôs 3-in-1 Ipoh White Coffee Cappuccino in S’pore.
Is nice and not so sweet.

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