Tiny Coffee Cup & Spoon Silver Sterling Ring

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Coffee Cup Ring

OMG, I love this tiny coffee cup & spoon silver sterling ring but heck, it’s all sold out.

(Via Craftzine.com)

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#1 angel on 07.03.08 at 1:13 pm

Lovely ring!

#2 Lady Banana on 07.04.08 at 5:11 am

Oh how sweet… that’s really cute :)

#3 james pong on 07.04.08 at 8:38 am

yeah, it’s definitely a cool ring, I bet it’s the one and only one since it was taken off from a doll house miniature.

#4 Leslie on 07.05.08 at 2:41 am

Hey, i LOVE your blog! It*s so cute! That ring is adorable, i found ya another one ;)

#5 Leslie on 07.05.08 at 2:42 am

I dont know if my other comment posted.. but..here we go again :P Your blog is great! I found ya the same ring at AlwaysAmy.etsy.com shop again. she must have re listed it.

#6 james pong on 07.08.08 at 11:14 pm

@Leslie: Hey, thanks and thanks for note, yeah, it’s the same ring.

#7 melly on 02.12.10 at 2:18 pm


#8 Chris on 05.03.12 at 7:29 pm

I loved the photo too and if anyone wants to see my comical blog post using it (but about my coffee)
When Snuff Ain’t Enuff !!! is the title, and I love your site too and tend to get stuck reading and reading heehee

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