Coffee Bean Lychee Ice-Blended

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Continue from my previous Coffee Bean Lychee Ice-Blended Promo post, I have the opportunity to try Lychee Ice-Blended over the weekend. Yes, it tastes good. And yes, it tastes like lychee with the exception of additional whipped cream flavor (if you opt for whipped cream). Other than that, an icy cold lychee drink from any of those canned drinks would save you having to pay RM 10.00 (or RM 12.00 if you are not using Coffee Bean Card).

Coffee Bean Lychee Ice-Blended
Coffee Bean Lychee Ice-Blended

Seriously, save that ten bucks. Get Mocha Mudslide Ice-Blended instead.

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#1 Dave on 02.08.08 at 11:47 am

Thats interesting I will have to try it :)

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