Cantata Original Blend Coffee

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Cantata Original Blend Coffee are specialty coffee from Korea. The range include Cantata Premium Blend, Cantata Sweet Black and Cantata Black.

The Premium Blend flavor is a combination of pure coffee extract and fresh milk while Sweet Black contains original brewed coffee with a slight hint of sweetness. The Black flavor however, is consisted of black, deep and full bodied of a real brewed black coffee.

Cantata Original Blend Coffee - Premium Blend (left) and Sweet Black (right)
Cantata Original Blend Coffee – Premium Blend (left) and Sweet Black (right)

Cantata Premium Blend has fresh milk, and is therefore like the normal coffee with milk except with good quality coffee beans. While Cantata Sweet Black is like black coffee with sugar and taste slightly bitter.

Available at Isetan KLCC, both Cantata Sweet Black and Cantata Black is priced at RM 7.90 while Cantata Premium Blend is RM 8.50.

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where to buy cantata coffee in the philippines?

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