Coffee Bean’s Caramel Hazelnut Ice-Blended Coffee

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Happy New Year!

Coffee Bean has introduced another new drink – Caramel Hazelnut Ice-Blended.

Coffee Bean's Caramel Hazelnut Ice-Blended
Coffee Bean’s Caramel Hazelnut Ice-Blended

Caramel Hazelnut Ice-Blended from Coffee Bean taste almost similar to Starbucks’ Frappuccino with Hazelnut syrup. Unlike the normal Caramel Ice-Blended, Caramel Hazelnut has a strong taste of Hazelnut syrup, and for some, it may be just a little bit too sweet.

Also available is Caramel Hazelnut Latte. Caramel Hazelnut Ice-Blended retails at RM 12.00 while Caramel Hazelnut Latte retails at RM 12.50. And of course, if you use The Coffee Bean Card, you get RM 2.00 off.

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