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Old Town 3-in-1 Hazelnut White Coffee

Old Town Hazelnut White Coffee
Old Town Hazelnut White Coffee

Old Town Hazelnut White Coffee is one of the most popular products in Ipoh Old Town White Coffee instant coffee range. However, unlike the Oldtown’s Hazelnut White Coffee available in the kopitiam, Old Town Hazelnut White Coffee 3-in-1 instant coffee somehow lacks the real flavor the former has. Even though it’s smooth, the original flavor is certainly better than Hazelnut.

My mug of Old Town Hazelnut White Coffee with ice
My mug of Old Town Hazelnut White Coffee with ice

Hot Coffee = Warm Feelings, Cold Coffee = Cold-blooded?

A new research has found that merely holding a hot coffee cup leads a person to see others as more generous and caring. Researchers also discovered that warm hands make people more inclined to give than to receive.

Scientists recruited 41 college students for what they thought was personality research. A lab worker escorted each participant up the elevator of Yale’s psychology building and casually asked for help holding her cup of coffee — either hot or iced — while she recorded the student’s name on a clipboard.

Those who had held the hot cup saw the person as more generous, sociable and good-natured than those who had held the cold cup — all traits that psychologists consider part of a "warm" personality, the researchers report in Friday’s edition of the journal Science. Yet there were no differences between the two groups on ratings of honesty, attractiveness or strength, traits not associated with either warm or cold personalities.

In the second study, students briefly hold one of those heat or ice pads sold in drugstores for pain, allegedly as part of product-testing. Really the test was which trinket the students chose as a thank you for participating: An ice-cream coupon or bottled drink for themselves, or one for a friend.

Students who held the hot pad were more likely to choose a reward for a friend, while those who held the ice pad were more likely to choose a reward for themselves.

So, do you want a hot cup of coffee or iced coffee?

(Via NEWS.scotsman.com)

Drinking Coffee Shrinks Women’s Breasts

A cup of coffeeCoffee can shrink the size of women’s boobs, according to a research by Swedish scientists revealed yesterday.

The caffeine-fuelled drink is well-known for keeping people alert and sobering up drunks.

But Swedish scientists have caused a stir by suggesting women who drink more than three cups a day could see their bra size drop.

However, on the contrary, the study showed regular hits of caffeine reduce the risk of women
developing breast cancer.

What’s your say on this? Have your notice this happens to you?

(Via Daily Star Sunday)

Valiant Instant White Coffee

Valiant White Coffee
Valiant White Coffee

Valiant White Coffee is an instant white coffee. Valiant White Coffee has a mild taste and does not taste sweet at all. Maybe this is how all other white coffee ought to taste like. Even though I strongly feel something is missing.

My mug of Valiant White Coffee
My mug of Valiant White Coffee

Nescafe Mocha

Nescafe Mocha is one of the flavors in Nescafe Cafe Menu range of gourmet coffee.

Mocha  flavor from Nescafe Cafe Menu
Mocha flavor from Nescafe Cafe Menu

Nescafe Mocha is not as sweet as it sounds, it’s quite moderate and taste more like cappuccino, just slightly sweeter.

My mug of Nescafe Mocha
My mug of Nescafe Mocha

Nescafe Mocha comes in 8 Mug Sized Servings.

Available at Mercato @ Pavilion KL at RM 24.20.

7-Eleven Presidential Election Coffee Cup

7-Eleven Presidential Election Coffee Cups7-Eleven is giving Americans the chance to vote earlier and more than once.

Voting starts on Wednesday and ends on Election Day, Nov. 4. Customers can cast their vote by choosing their preferred cup — blue cups for Democratic nominee Sen. Barack Obama or red cups for Republican nominee Sen. John McCain. However, for those abstaining or can’t decide, 7-Eleven still has the regular cups.

It is said that 7-Election past results has closely mirrored the official ones. National and state results will be posted daily on www.7-election.com.