Toast Box Ying Yong

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Too many new cafés that follow the old school ‘kopitiam’ style are opening – Uncle Lim, Keluang Station, Killiney Kopitiam and now comes Toast Box, located in Mid Valley Megamall, just opposite San Francisco Coffee on Ground Floor in North Court. Like most of the “kopitiam” style café, Toast Box serves the usual French toast, toast with peanut butter, Nasi Lemak among others. They even have toast with milo!

I have been to Toast Box twice and ordered yin yong ice (coffee mixed with tea) on both occasion. Quite good for a reasonable price. I guess I will frequent these new school of kopitiam more often than Starbucks in the coming months.

Toast Box Yin Yong
Toast Box Yin Yong

Toast Box is owned by BreadTalk, a Singapore-based bakery.

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#1 J Soh on 04.30.08 at 7:48 am

Would you know how much coffee and tea mixture is used?

#2 james pong on 05.01.08 at 12:02 pm

@J Soh: I have no idea. Are you a competitor of Toast Box?

#3 Jewel on 01.08.10 at 4:11 pm

Do you know whether Toast Box provides free Wifi?

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