Coffee Bean Mocha Mudslide Ice-Blended

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Coffee Bean has recently introduced a new ice-blended drink and it’s called Mocha Mudslide. Though the name is not so interesting, the drink is actually quite smooth and creamy. Mocha Mudslide, the name derived from the blend of Belgian chocolate blended into a rich, intense cappuccino. Sounds tasty?

Coffee Bean Mocha Mudslide
Coffee Bean Mocha Mudslide, dreamy creamy coffee with Belgian chocolate blended into rich cappuccino, mmm…

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#1 Emily Lin on 10.27.07 at 11:37 pm

Wow. It looks yummy. Gotta try this sooner or later =) My favorite is The Ultimate. But I think their drinks are not that standardized as I’d tried some not-that-good blended the Ultimate in different outlet. Note that the Ultimate in KLCC has more un-brewed coffee bean than other outlets. (That’s what I’d experienced so far.)

Nice blog you’ve got BTW. Keep it up! ;)

#2 James Pong on 10.28.07 at 4:09 pm

@ Emily Lin: yes, it tastes good. you gotta check it out while it’s still there.

thanks, I’ll try my best to keep it up!

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