Vietnamese Coffee @ Bongsen, KLCC

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Bongsen is a French-Vietnamese restaurant located on Level 4 in Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This was a good place to try out not only the Vietnamese cuisine with French flavor but also the Vietnamese coffee!

Vietnamese Drip Coffee is one of its kind type of coffee. Like the name, the coffee is served with a small pot on the top that has coffee dripping down to a cup. Vietnamese Drip Coffee has an option of black or white. I chose the white coffee and despite having milk in it, the coffee tastes really strong and bitter even for a coffee lover like me. Overall, it’s pretty good.

Vietnamese Drip Coffee
Vietnamese Drip Coffee

While I had Vietnamese Drip Coffee, my friend ordered Vietnamese Coffee with Ice-cream as she preferred a cold drink. I believe the Vietnamese Coffee with Ice-cream is the same coffee as Vietnamese Drip Coffee except it is filled with lots of ice and ice-cream. As usual, the ice and ice-cream dilutes the aroma of the coffee.

Vietnamese Coffee with Ice-cream
Vietnamese Coffee with Ice-cream

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