Real Power Energy Drink

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Real Power is Real Madrid C.F. Official Drink. It’s an energy drink and contains high level amount of caffeine. Like most energy drinks, Real Power contains taurine (carbohydrates), Glucoronolactone, caffeine, vitamins B12 and B8.

Funny though, the drink has a very strong flavor of jackfruit, a native fruit of southwestern India and Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Unless you love the taste of jackfruit, you won’t like this energy drink for sure.

Real Power Energy Drink
Real Power Energy Drink

Alternatively, there is a Sports Drink version of Real Power.

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Note: The Official Sports Drink is in white while the Energy Drink is in blue. However, the Energy Drink available in Malaysia is in white can.

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bueno ps yo ya la probe y es genial y me siento tan orgullosa por q puedo tener algo de mi celecion
q es el rela madrid

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