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Pokka Green Tea Honey Lemon

Pokka Green Tea Honey Lemon

Pokka has come out with a new range of green tea drinks, Honey Lemon being one of the flavors available. Pokka Green Tea Honey Lemon has the normal sour taste of lemon but mixed with sweet flavor of honey. In fact, it tastes pretty sweet.

Also available: Pokka Green Tea Peach.

Lipton Ice Tea Red

Lipton Ice Tea Red

Lipton Ice Tea Red is a new addition from Lipton to the existing range of Ice Tea product. It tastes slightly like a normal “Ice Tea” mixed with Strawberry and Raspberry. Though there’s a slight sour flavor, but contrary to the sour bit of the ordinary Ice Tea “Lemon” flavor, it has a bit of “sweetness” in it. And of course, the drink is red in color.

Overall, I still prefer the original flavor than Lipton Ice Tea Red.

Let’s Meet At Starbucks

This summer (2007), Starbucks bring you not only one new drink, but four altogether!

Orange Creme Frappuccino (Blended Creme)
Orange Creme Frappuccino (Blended Creme) – blends the flavor of orange and cream with ice topped with whipped cream and real orange zest

Orange Creme Frappuccino (Light Blended Creme)
Orange Creme Frappuccino (Light Blended Creme) – a lighter version with over 1/3 fewer calories than Orange Creme Frappuccino blended creme.

Orange Mocha
Orange Mocha – if you prefer a hot beverage, this one is for you – taste of orange and chocolate combined with premium espresso and topped with whipped cream and real orange zest drizzle, it might be hot but it’s irresistible!

Iced Orange Mocha
Iced Orange Mocha – prefer a cold beverage with as much espresso? Then, this one is for you – taste of orange and chocolate combined with premium espresso, poured over ice and topped with whipped cream and real orange zest drizzle, it might be hot but it’s irresistible!

David Blaine’s Coffee to Coins Magic Revealed!

David Blaine’s Coffee to Coins Magic Trick

David Blaine turns a cup of coffee into a cup of coins! If he can turn all the coffee I have consumed over the years into coins, I would be filthy rich!

Recipe: Iced Mocha Cola

A fave recipe of mine – Iced Mocha Cola. Imagine the amount of caffeine in it, this is what you need for a caffeine boost. And it’s easy to make!

120ml / 4 ounce of Coca-Cola / Any cola
120ml / 4 ounce of Nescafe / Any coffee
5 or 6 cubes of ice

Mix both the cola and the coffee into a glass, add in ice and serve.

It’s an awesome drink you can easily make. Alternatively, you can add vanilla ice-cream to make it Iced Mocha Cola Float!

Aussies Go Crazy For Cat Poo Coffee

Cafe-crazy Australians in the last decade have embraced coffee in all its forms, but they’ve saved the most expensive — and excremental — for last.

Kopi Luwak, made in neighboring Indonesia from coffee beans excreted by native civet cats, is reputedly the world’s rarest and most expensive coffee, painstakingly extracted by hand from the animals’ forest droppings.

When roasted, the resulting beans sell for around $1,000 a kilogram ($450 a pound) and brew into a earthy, syrupy, coffee acknowledged by connoisseurs as one of the world’s finest.

Despite the closeness of the coffee’s home on the islands of Sumatra, Java and Sulawesi, Australia’s first civet cat brew has only just gone on sale in Queensland state, selling for A$50 a cup at the Heritage Tea Rooms, west of Townsville.

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Coffee Baristas in Bikinis

Coffee Baristas in BikinisRunning an independent coffee shop against big-names like Seattle headquartered Starbucks is no picnic. In Salem, Oregon, a new drive-thru coffee stand decided to take a new tack in the competitive world of coffee. They picked their coffee serving baristas to work in bikinis.

Owners Adam and Steven were feeling the pressure when government rules blocked clear access from a popular road into their drive-thru — so they decided to fight back with creativity. Their sales have doubled to $1,000 a day since their employees started dressing down. Coffee Nation is a partner with Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen to serve your coffee with a smile – and from the kind of server that many men appreciate greatly.

The approach is fun, different – and definitely attention getting. Coffee Nation also gets paid by Hawaiian Tropic to promote their product. It’s a partnership thats satisfying to customers, partners, and owners — and a unique way to get some attention.

How Many Cups of Coffee Should You Drink This Morning?

Most of the time when you wake up lacking sleep the previous night, you will always ask yourself how much coffee you will need to get you going. Sometimes, it’s harder to figure that out than how nuclear bomb works.

Fortunately though, Geek Logik’s Garth Sundem has worked out a formula in helping you to figure out how many cups of coffee it’s going to take to get you going this morning.

Starbucks Is Standing By Its ‘Anti-God’ Campaign

Continued from the previous post, Anti-God Starbucks Cup Has Customer Steaming

Coffeehouse giant Starbucks is standing by its campaign to put thought-provoking messages on its coffee cups despite a national uproar and threat of boycott over a message some felt was “anti-God.”

Controversy erupted this week after a customer became steamed reading a quote that stated:

“Why in moments of crisis do we ask God for strength and help? As cognitive beings, why would we ask something that may well be a figment of our imaginations for guidance? Why not search inside ourselves for the power to overcome? After all, we are strong enough to cause most of the catastrophes we need to endure.”

The quote was written by Bill Schell, a Starbucks customer from London, Ontario, Canada, and was included as part of Starbucks’ “The Way I See It” campaign to collect different viewpoints and spur discussion.

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